1: Find the best place in your yard or patio for your garden

You need to consider the amount of light & space your plants will need to grow.

2: Build a garden box that best works for your space

Your box can be whatever size can fit in your space! This is a great way to keep everything organized.

3: When you don’t have enough space to grow out, grow up!

Tomatoes, Squash, Melons, & cucumbers are good examples of plants that grow vertically or on vines.

4: Use all the space you have!

You can even use window boxes for flowers or herbs! Think outside of the box!

5: Create different spots in your yard for different plants

Keep in mind different types of plants grow better in different areas. Some plants need more sunlight than others. Spreading out your plants will also give you more room in your yard.

6:Keep a journal and test for what works!

Documenting how well your plants are doing in the area they are placed in can help you for next year’s garden! You will know what works best and where!