You’ve toured our community, submitted your application, and received your approval letter. After you’re done celebrating, we are sure you’ll have questions on what happens next. To get ahead, here’s some tips!

Welcome Letter and Lease Documents

Your Leasing Agent will prepare and send your welcome home letter to your email. This will give you a checklist of everything you’ll need to do before your move-in day. Your lease arrives in your email for your convenience, and we give you three days to review and e-sign. Three words. READ. YOUR. LEASE! Understanding your lease is essential before you sign your documents. You will be living in your new residence for the next however many months, and you want to be sure you’re abiding by community guidelines during your stay. After reviewing, be sure to write down any questions you have and set up a time to speak with your Leasing Agent. Our Agents are here to make this whole process easier, and to ensure you understand everything before you sign.

Research Liability Insurance Companies

Start with your current auto insurance company. Most of the time, they can set you up with a bundle deal. On average, you can expect to pay between $15-$30/month. Most Insurance companies give you the option to pay a full year or six months up front. Be sure to read reviews from other customers to see if the company is the right fit for you. All our beautiful Boyd Homes communities require a minimum of $300,000 Personal Liability insurance. Why? We are all human, and anything can happen. Personal Liability will protect you if you are at fault for any property damage or injury. Please keep in mind that this does NOT cover your personal property, and we highly recommend you add protection for your personal belongings.

Gather Pet Documentation

We have already gotten to know you, now it’s time to get to know your pets! We have no weight or breed restrictions for dogs, and all our communities are VERY pet friendly! Our furry residents matter just as much as our human ones do. Be sure to have your recent vaccination records on hand as we do require a rabies vaccination for all animals living in our communities. If you don’t have your documents, you can reach out to your vet and ask them to email you a copy, or they can send it directly to our office! Please be sure the vaccinations are valid and not expired, and send us updated paperwork each time you go to the vet. We will also ask for your cutest photo of your furry friend. Please be sure your photo(s) are recent and clear. You can also bring your pet to the office and we will take a photo! If you have a dog, be prepared to do a DNA swab on your pet.

Know How to Pay and When

Money, Money, Money! Before applying for your new home, be sure to have some money set aside to cover your Security Deposit. Your deposit will be due in full via certified funds three days after you receive your approval letter. By certified funds, we mean certified check or money order. Your remaining amount due on your Welcome Home letter needs to be paid before you can receive your keys. After you move in, make things easy on yourself and never miss a month by signing up for automatic rent payments.

Set Up Utilities

Your Welcome Home letter will list the utility companies to contact prior to your move-in date to set up a personal account for service. If a utility is not listed on your Welcome Home letter, please do not try to set it up! If it’s not listed, this service will be payable with your rent. How convenient is that?!

We hope that now you’ll feel much more comfortable after applying for your new home. As always, please contact your Leasing Professional if you have any questions as we are always happy to help!