Here in Virginia, fall weather has already arrived! Watch the leaves change color and the landscape change before your eyes. Autumn is always a sight to behold. Unpack your fuzzy sweater and take a walk around the neighborhood with a steamy cup of pumpkin spice latte or apple cider. Now that you have some inspiration, come home and finish up your seasonal fall decorating with these great tips.


“Is it chilly in here?”

Add warm colors to your living room, like burnt orange, terracotta browns, and deep reds. Change out the scents in your plugins or wax warmers with autumn smells like baked apple pie or cinnamon spice. If you prefer candles but you’re currently renting, be sure to get some candle warmers for a safe alternative! Add some cozy rugs to your floors to add a layer of warmth. Pull out the fluffy blankets to throw over your couches and chairs for those chilly nights. If you love swapping photos in your picture frames, take some sepia-filtered photos of your friends and family around town to add to your frames. Anyone who enters your home will feel the autumn vibes!


“Are these plants real or fake?”

Your friends will be touching your decorations to find out if they are real! Explore your neighborhood and local parks and collect clean leaves, flowers, and pinecones. Please remember not to cut/clip anything if it’s privately owned! Make a fall wreath, decorate your mantle, or add some flair on your entertainment center. Be sure to include plenty of pumpkins and add rustic fall florals in vintage vases. Check out these tips to forage your fall décor.


“I bought the same one from Walmart!”

It’s hard to be original these days. Instead of buying mass-produced décor from your local box stores that your friends may already have up in their homes, you can include pieces in your home that you’ve constructed yourself! Every room in your home can be completed on a budget. If you scroll through Pinterest for hours and LOVE recreating DIY ideas, check out this article from GoodHousekeeping for plenty of ideas to choose from!


We hope these tips will help you bring Fall into your new apartment, townhome, or house! If you are looking for a new place to decorate and call home, we’ve got you!