Over the past few years, the economy and the housing market have somewhat recovered, which has more and more people exploring their options when it comes to homeownership. While older homes remain a viable option, there has been a shift toward building custom homes in Richmond. Hiring a custom home builder to build your new home comes with several great advantages.

Design Choices

Often with pre-owned homes, you will find yourself spending thousands of dollars over time doing some kind of renovation or home improvement project to meet your exact desires. A new home builder can provide you a house with the custom design and style you choose from the floor plan to the type of flooring, right down to the cabinet hardware. All the decisions are made by you with a specialist’s help to guide you. Once the housebuilder has completed the job, you will be completely satisfied knowing that your new home is what you want it to be.

Surprisingly More Affordable

Purchasing a new home is a huge investment. While it may seem like a cheaper, older home is the best option from a financial standpoint, that may not be the case. More repairs and upkeep are required in older homes in comparison to newly built homes. When you hire a home builder contractor for your new home in Richmond, you will not have to spend all your Saturdays replacing a water heater or painting all your rooms a color you like. The 12 month new construction warranty and the 2-10 Warranty that comes with a newly built home covers many home maintenance items that arise during the first year you own your new home. In the end, you will save time and money enjoying the day with your family in your newly-built custom home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the most costly aspects of purchasing an older home is the lack of energy efficiency. From leaky insulation to outdated air conditioning systems, the monthly energy costs for an older home can be quite high. A home builder contractor in Richmond can build you a new home that is built to today’s energy-saving standards and saves you money for years to come.

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