People Love One Story Homes

In our recent poll on Facebook, we asked our followers to choose between a one story and two story home. One story homes won! We were a little surprised but then we thought…what’s not to love about a one story home!? Here are 10 reasons why they are so popular:

  1. Open Floor Plan -The floor plans tend to be more open and free flowing than other homes!
  2. No stairs- This is great for every one of all ages! Who likes stairs anyway?!
  3. Appealing Exterior- Has great curb appeal!
  4. Indoor-Outdoor Flow - Usually, these homes are built on slabs making them level with the yard for easy indoor-outdoor living!
  5. Less Noise- No foot stomping and jumping around from the upstairs!
  6. High Ceilings- It’s far easier to add tall ceilings to a single story home than a 2 story home!
  7. Easier to Clean- No more lugging the cleaning supplies and heavy vacuums up and down the stairs!
  8. Cheaper to Heat- Only one HVAC system!
  9. Easier for Exterior Maintenance- I would rather clean my gutters 10 feet up in the air on a step-ladder than 20+ feet up! Same thing goes for any roof maintenance, window cleaning, and washing the house!
  10. The Charm Factor- The same square footage of a 2-story home with a charming look about it.

Lucky for you, we have a ranch style home that is move-in ready! Check out The Bismarck in Castleton