What's Coming Next?

We are very excited to announce our new project: The Lake District at Glen Allen! 

The project is over 300 acres off Mountain Road, bordering the Chickahominy River. An existing 16-acre lake serves as the heart of this new community. Construction will start with a town square on the lake that will feature new restaurants, shops, and offices in a pedestrian oriented mixed-use town center overlooking the lake. Natural features on the property will be used to define neighborhoods and provide additional natural amenities along the Chickahominy River and throughout the community.

Complementing the town center, other commercial uses, including retail and entertainment venues, will provide residents with shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities within their own community, as well as attract workers and shoppers from other areas in the region. Residential neighborhoods, including a wide variety of housing styles, will provide housing within close walking and biking distance of the town center and other amenities.  Walking and multipurpose trails will combine with a loop road system to provide safe and convenient means of accessing and connecting the different parts of the community.

Shoppers, employees, and residents will benefit from a connected, well-designed road network as well as a network of multipurpose trails and sidewalks throughout the community. President of Boyd Homes David Rudiger said, “Creating a connected, easy-to-navigate community will increase the attractiveness of the Lake District of Glen Allen to the residents in the surrounding area. It will be an active and vibrant lifestyle that is uniquely Hanover in the way natural features are incorporated into the community”.

The creation of a well-planned, mixed-use, gateway community at the Mountain Road entrance into Hanover County will be a catalyst for future economic growth. 

More information to come!