Coming Soon: Hard Hat Tours at Element at Stonebridge!

If you’re reading this our guess is you’re either taking a break from shoveling yourself out of your neighborhood or you’re taking a break from eating the giant pot of chili you made on Saturday.  If that’s you, pause and grab a glass of water (or milk if the chili is super spicy) and look up.  We’re about to brighten your day! You’ve been working hard and so has our awesome construction team! Winter weather hasn’t stopped our crew (yet!) from plugging away at building your next home. And now we’re super excited to announce that we will be starting Group Hard Hat Tours in the next couple weeks (exact days and times will be announced as soon as the construction team gives us the thumbs up)!

So, what’s a Group Hard Hat Tour? Great question we will explain if you don’t know. If you’ve been curious about what the finished (or almost finished) apartments will look like, we invite you to join us on one of these tours. Our leasing team will be holding 4 weekly tours! That’s 4 opportunities to have a sneak peek inside the building, take a look at the amenities, see inside a few floor plans and #DISCOVERhome, and quiz our leasing team about your next new address! You can make an appointment or just join us at one of the listed times and we’ll be happy to give you a tour! The only catch: you have to wear one of our super trendy hard hats while you tour (we’ll provide them upon arrival)!

Bring your friends! We wouldn’t want them to feel left out…

*Please note that we cannot schedule tours outside of the listed day and times. All tours will last about 30 minutes. Please arrive a few minutes early, as it’s important that each tour begins on time.  Schedule coming soon!


Contact us for more information, or to schedule a hard hat tour:



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