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Welcome! As a page for and by the Boyd Homes team, we will make sure you stay updated on all the exciting new events and changes happening at Boyd Homes. Go, team!

“The strength of the team is each individual member.  The strength of each member is the team.” (P. Jackson)

President’s Address

Our business and our teams are stronger than ever. We continue to grow and solve challenges together. Here’s to a strong 2022!

What’s New With Boyd Homes?

This year started off with some big changes. Our HR Director, Renee McCraney, is retiring! Hear it from Renee in a message to the company on February 9, 2022: “As most of you know, I am retiring from the Company and will be leaving within the next few weeks.  I am very happy to announce that your new Human Resources Director, Marilola Felix, will start February 14th ?.  Marilola comes to you with a strong human resources background, most recently working as a Regional Director of Human Resources in the hospitality industry, and she is excited to join the Boyd Homes family.  Once she is settled in, Marilola will be visiting the properties so she can meet all of you.  Please join me in extending a heartfelt welcome to Marilola as she starts her journey with Boyd Homes!”

In other news, the Executive Team of Boyd Homes has made some big changes too! Boyd Homes celebrated its 40th anniversary this past year.  Mr. Boyd was at the helm for the first half of that time, and I took over for the next half (with Mr. Boyd’s guidance and encouragement). 

Now it is time to make room for a new generation of leaders.  Effective immediately, Joseph Boyd III, Justin Boyd, and Kate Verreault will each be promoted to President of their respective divisions.  Joseph will be the President of Development and Multi-Family Construction, Justin will be the President of New Homes, and Kate will be the President of Operations, encompassing Multi-Family Operations, Human Resources, and IT.  The Accounting Department will continue to report to Jacque and Chris, and the Legal Department will continue to report to Laurie.  Chris and Laurie will continue to coordinate with the Executive Committee and me.

I will transition to the position of President of Acquisitions and continue to work on acquisitions, planning for the future, and Community Management, as well as assuming the role of Chairman of the Executive Committee.  I am retaining the title of “counsel” in my signature more to let people know that I am an attorney than to signal that I will be doing legal work.  I will continue to be available as a resource for all of the executives and anyone else who needs me.  I am not going anywhere – we are just making room for others to receive the recognition and responsibility they deserve. These changes are more a recognition of the practical responsibilities that these individuals have already been undertaking than it is a significant change in responsibilities.  For the most part, you will continue to go to the same executives you may have interacted with previously.  Joseph, Justin, and Kate will, however become the new faces of Boyd Homes.

This is an exciting time in the continuing growth of Boyd Homes.  These changes make Boyd Homes a stronger company and better prepared for the future.  Please join me in congratulating and supporting Joseph, Justin, and Kate.

What Is in Store for 2022?

As some of you may have already heard, we have made the decision to put Element on the market.  First, let me say that this is not because Element is performing poorly.  To the contrary, it is because Element is doing great and the market is super hot right now.  We have always planned Element as a short term (about 10 years) hold, largely because we were forced by the County to use some materials that require more maintenance than our usual materials.  Given current market conditions, we decided to move that timeline up.

Management has met already with the staff at Element, so they already know most or all of this.  This email is primarily for everyone else.  We are about to break ground on a new project, called Marcella at Gateway, which is only a couple of miles from Element at Midlothian and Powhite.  We intend to retain all of the staff of Element so that we will have an intact team out of the blocks at Gateway.  Some of them may work on temporary projects or help at other properties after the sale of Element while Gateway is still under construction.  We love our Element team and want to keep them together and at Boyd.

In addition to Gateway, we have several other projects in the works.  This sale will provide additional capital to support additional growth by the company.  The next project in the Richmond metro after Gateway should be breaking ground in 1 ½ – 2 years.  It will be in the Charter Colony area.  We are also working on some Muli-Family projects in Hampton Roads and the Shenandoah Valley.  We should be breaking ground on a new homes community in Gloucester in 6 – 12 months, and hopefully our new homes community in Camden NC will be starting development in the upcoming months.

All of this adds up to good news and continued opportunities for Boyd Homes and all of our team members.

Go Team Boyd Homes!

– David Rudiger, President of Aquisitions

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