While working from home in your apartment has its advantages, it also comes with some challenges. We have gathered some tips to help you set you up for work-from-home success! First, is a dedicated work from home space in your apartment. 

No matter what size your apartment is, you need to have a dedicated workspace. Make it a priority to carve out a space for your home office (& we aren’t suggesting your favorite spot on the couch). Ideally, this space would be a spare room where you can close the doors and shut out distractions during your work hours. We want a space where you can “close the doors” and return “home” after finishing your workday. We know not everyone has a spare room and we have to get creative. Look for closets, built-ins or corners where you can easily put a desk and it’s not in the way. Near a window would be even better!  

We know that not everyone is going to be able to have their workspace by a window, but lighting is essential in any place you work. We suggest overhead lighting, a table lamp that fits your style and at least spend some time near a window looking out because everyone needs sunlight not just house plants!  

Once you have figured out where your workspace will go now it’s time to add your personal touch. These personalized items can keep your mind calm while working and help you feel inspired and happy. It can be anything, your favorite photograph, a potted plant, a comfy office chair or a place to put your favorite snacks.  

While working from home has a lot of perks, it can also be challenging having your commute only be down the hall. We hope these tips help you shut down at the end of your workday, make you feel inspired when you work and get daily sunlight because again, everyone needs sunlight, not just house plants!