It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time for the decorations to come out and play!

But first, take a deep breath. Don’t wear yourself out trying to have the best decorations in the neighborhood. Decorating should never be stressful, it should be something to look forward to after a long year. Keep it simple and fun, and be your own interior designer this holiday season. Here’s five simple tips to get you inspired to decorate your new Boyd Home!

Decorate Early, Enjoy longer!

Get a jump start on the decorating by putting up the essentials a few days before Thanksgiving. Put a wreath on the door, wrap your stair handrails, and put a big bow on your mailbox. This will help you get into the holiday spirit and avoid the last-minute rush, plus you get to enjoy them longer. Don’t let the grinches tell you when you can and cannot put up your decor!

Holiday Cheer, Move In Here!

Bring the outdoors in by adding some greenery to your indoor decor. Bring in magnoliaevergreen, mistletoe, eucalyptus, and hydrangeasIncorporate natural fragrance with wood-scented candles or wax melts, and play some instrumental holiday music in your living room or kitchen! Get festive on your dinner table with seasonal dinnerware and glassware, and leave out a bowl of gumdrops and candy canes surrounded by fake snow. Throw some blankets with chunky textures over your chairs and sofas to give that inviting, cozy vibe to your space.

No room on the tree? Put ornaments everywhere!

Use your ornaments and extra decorations in unconventional ways! Display some in a bowl, add some lightweight ones to a jar with some lighting for a cute centerpiece, or place them on your bookshelf or other furniture! If you have some that are weather proof, you can even place some on your exterior decor.

Stick to the Holiday Makeover Budget.

Decorating your home for the holidays can be a daunting task if you go above and beyond every year, especially for your wallet. Be sure not to start the new year off in debt from decorations! Repurpose last year’s decor and try to DIY as much as you can to save money.

Your Christmas tree doesn’t need to be real!

If you don’t have the time or energy to care for a real tree, store bought is fine! In fact, they can save you a lot of hassle. If you purchase a pre-lit tree, you won’t need to fumble with string lights every year! Plus, real trees can leave your carpet and walls stained with sap and shed needles all over your home. We’re trying to make this EASIER for you, not give you more to clean!

No matter your lifestyle, we hope that these tips will help you get into the holiday spirit! If you’d like to get yourself moved into a Boyd Home before the holidays get here, get in touch with us ASAP!