1. Pick out the Boyd Home that works perfectly for you
2. Purchase agreement signed by new home owner
3. Purchase agreement accepted by Boyd Homes & returned to new home owner 
4. Make application with mortgage lender 
5. Notification of loan approval to Boyd Homes
6. Home color selections by homeowner
7. Permit application submitted by Boyd Homes
8. Construction permit issued
9. Block foundation starts the construction process
10. Wood framing starts
11. Rough plumbing, HVAC, & electrical starts
12. Pre-drywall walk-thru with homeowner
13. Drywall installation starts
14. Interior trim & paint, cabinet installation starts
15. Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical trim-outs
16. Flooring Installation starts 
17. Homeowner notifies utility companies of transfer
18. Boyd Homes final touch-ups and cleaning
19. Pre-settlement home orientation with homeowner
20. Closing day! Keys available for homeowner