Thanksgiving Table Conversation Starters

In November, people take this month to be grateful for things they have in their lives. While enjoying your turkey and stuffing this year, we have thought of some conversation starters you can share around your table. The idea would be you write all the questions on a piece of paper, put them in a bowl and pass the bowl around. Each person takes a piece of paper and reads the question out loud, then the question is discussed around the table! It’s a great way to reflect on everything you are thankful for!

Some questions you could use are:

What are you MOST thankful for and why?

How did I grow this year?

What brings you happiness?

What is your best talent?

What challenging situations have brought out the best in me?

What is your favorite food to eat on thanksgiving?

What is your favorite memory over the last year and why?

How did I help someone today?

What is the nicest thing someone did for you this year?

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?